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A research society has been established in the college and the faculty are members of this. The research committee consists of six senior faculty members. They guide, organize, plan and execute the functioning of research activities in the college.

A brief look at some departmental research activities is shown below.

  • Gum diseases & its relation to heart disease.
    By Dr. P. Balaji

  • Regeneration of Bone near the implant & periodontal defects.
    By Dr. P. Balaji

  • Implant-interface.
    By Dr. P. Balaji

  • An assessment of the cured materials with the help of a modified intra-canal / intra-radicular light curing delivery system in-vitro.
    By Dr. Vishwas B. Chaugule

  • Enzymatic activities of Glucokinase, Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase in plaque associated with and without caries.
    By Dr. Rahul R. Deshpande

  • The retention of glass ionomer and light cure resin pit & fissure sealant with the replica technique as in vivo study.
    By Dr. U.S. Athawale

  • Determination of efficiency of biomechanical preperation of apical third of the root canal using k-files, h-files & canal finder.
    By Dr. Sanyot Mulay

  • Repair of furcation perforation by artificial floor technique - an in - vitro study.
    By Dr. Pradeep Chaudhary