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Student Handbook System
A handbook consisting of comprehensive information of the college, faculty, academic calendar and details of internal assessment marks is given to each and every student. The student is supposed to carry the handbook with him always. The details of the students behavior and academic performance is entered in the handbook by the concerned faculty at regular intervals.

The students are meant to get their parents counter signature on the said report. This system enables the staff and the students to have a close interactions and rapport among each other.

Smart Cards Identification System
A unique digital identification and registration system for day to day administration has been provided to all students, interns, teaching and non-teaching staff through smart cards. This system provides timely check on the attendance of the students, interns, teaching and non-teaching staff. The smart cards have to be punched to the corresponding reader which has been provided in the administrative section, all the departments and lecture halls. A fine of Rs. 50/- is levied on non possession of the smart cards.

Carrier Guidance Schemes
A committee of senior teaching staff provides guidance to the students, interns, post graduates regarding the carrier options available in dentistry and research for the students. The students are motivated and enlightened about the resent advances and development in the respective specialties of dentistry and the collaboration of our institute with other foreign universities.

Dental Council of India Faculty Cards
The Dental Council of India has issued identification cards to all the teaching staff of the college. These cards displayed the designation and experience of the respective staff in the institute. It is mandatory to posses this card always by the teaching staff.

Digital library has been formed in the institute which provided easy access to all the internal journals and publications using internet.