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The college has to its credit a team of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic faculty on its roll. Each department has Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, and Assistant Lecturers as prescribed by the Dental Council of India.

  Dean and President Students Council,  

Dr. R. S. Dolas, the Dean of the institution. He is an acclaimed surgeon and an accomplished teacher. Dr. Dolas has vast experience of teaching of both under graduate and post graduate students. His special interest lies in orthognathic surgeries, temporomadibular joint disorders. He has presented many scientific paper at various national and international conferences.

Dr. R. S. Dolas has also been a faculty surgeon for many specialty surgeries at various colleges across India.


Dr. R. S. Dolas


He is also an active member at the international university level across India. He has been an examiner for P.G. and U.G. at different universities in Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Amravati, Aurangabad, Nashik, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Amritsar, Lucknow, Indore, Hyderabad, Goa and as an examiner on DNB panel etc.

Dr. R. S. Dolas has experience of working in the Indian army. He was a member of the dental council of India from 1994 to 2001 and nominee of Governor of the Maharashtra State on the management council of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik from 2001 to 20005. He has also been a faculty speaker in many IDA Conferences.

He has to his credit various scientific radio and T.V. talks, public lectures and dental and medical camps. He has visited more than 100 Dental Colleges in India.

Department of Orthodontics
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Charudatta Naik, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Ravi Gupta, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Jayesh Rahalkar, MDS Professor
4 Dr. Sonali Deshmukh, MDS Asso. Prof.
5 Dr. Vijay Subramanium, MDS Reader
6 Dr. Milind Darda, MDS Reader
7 Dr. Kiran Nagarhalli, MDS Lecturer
8 Dr. Piyush Heda, MDS Lecturer
9 Dr. Jay Khatri, BDS Lecturer
  Department of Prosthodontics & Dental Material  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Dilip Kakade, MDS Professor
2 Dr. P. Balaji, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Dilip Dhamankar, MDS Professor
4 Dr. Smita Athavale, MDS Professor
5 Dr. Amit Jagtap, MDS Asso. Prof.
6 Dr. Anil Ragade, MDS Reader
7 Dr. Tulsi Subramanaim, MDS Reader
8 Dr. Ajit Jankar, MDS Reader
9 Dr. Santosh Shingote, MDS Reader
10 Dr. Shrinivasan B., MDS Reader
11 Dr. Santosh Dixit, MDS Lecturer
12 Dr. Nilesh Bulbule, MDS Lecturer
13 Dr. Ajay Nitturkar, BDS Lecturer
14 Dr. Sanket Nagarkar, BDS Lecturer
15 Dr. Roopa N. M., BDS Lecturer
16 Dr. Sagar Jadhav Lecturer
  Department of Conservative Dentistry  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Uma Athavale, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Sanjyot Muley, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Shalini Agarwal, MDS Professor
4 Dr. Pradeep Choudhary, MDS Asso. Prof.
5 Dr. Deepali Shah, MDS Reader
6 Dr. Anamika Borkar, MDS Reader
7 Dr. Niket Lokhande, MDS Lecturer
8 Dr. Nilima Kawalkar, MDS Lecturer
9 Dr. Anita Sanap, MDS Lecturer
10 Dr. S. B. Joshi, BDS Lecturer
11 Dr. Ruta Bhujbal, BDS Lecturer
12 Dr. Pradeep Shetty, BDS Lecturer
13 Dr. Vijay Bagade, BDS Lecturer
14 Dr. Anshuman Rao Lecturer
  Department of Oral Surgery  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. R. S. Dolas, MDS Prof. & Dean
2 Dr. Suhas Vaze, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Deepak Kulkarni, MDS Professor
4 Dr. A. S. Bhagwat, MDS Professor
5 Dr. Kalyani Gosavi/Bhate, MDS Reader
6 Dr. Pushkar Waknis, MDS Reader
7 Dr. Sonia Jindal, MDS Reader
8 Dr. Santosh Kumar S. N., MDS Lecturer
  Department of Oral Pathology  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. V. S. Sabane, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Rajiv Desai, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Supriya Pande, MDS Reader
4 Dr. Sachin Sarode, MDS Lecturer
5 Dr. Mamatha G. S., BDS Lecturer
  Department of Periodontics  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Vijay Deshmukh, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Shobha More, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Anita Kulloli, MDS Reader
4 Dr. Sanjay Jain, MDS Reader
5 Dr. Ajay Jog, MDS Reader
6 Dr. Dinesh Hingorani, MDS Reader
7 Dr. Vaibhav Joshi, MDS Lecturer
8 Dr. Sharath Shetty, MDS Lecturer
  Department of Pedodontics  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Asha Singh, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Vishwas Chaugule, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Iqbal Musani, MDS Asso. Prof.
4 Dr. Rahul Deshpande, MDS Reader
5 Dr. Chetan Bhat, MDS Lecturer
6 Dr. Vishwas Patil, BDS Lecturer
  Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Arun V. Subramanium, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Prashant V. Surana, MDS Professor
3 Dr. Deepa L Raut, MDS Asso. Prof.
4 Dr. D M Sable, MDS Reader
5 Dr. Vikrant O Kasat, MDS Lecturer
6 Dr. Kaveri Balaji, BDS Lecturer
  Department of Community Dentistry  
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Sahana Hegde Shetiya, MDS Professor
2 Dr. Pradnya Hegde, MDS Reader
3 Dr. Annapurna Dahanukar/Birajdar Lecturer